Pet Hair Removal

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Do you have loose hair on your pet? Then this comb will help you to remove those loose hair. This comb doesn't only remove hair, but it also grooms and gives good pain-free massage on your pet. This comb removes up to 95% of dead hair of your pets and untangles them in just 10 minutes! Get rid of tangles, knots, shedding, and mats in the most gentle way possible

This 2-in-1 design massages your pets while de-shedding loose fur at the same time!

PROMOTES A HEALTHY AND SHINY FUR COAT - Perfect for all fur types!

A regular massage or brushing your pet help improve blood circulation and relaxes pet's minds while getting rid of the loose fur to give them a shiny coat.

This is safe for all kinds of pet and durable material for lifetime use.

It can be used on any small or large cat, dog, or other fun-loving pets.

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